Ideas & Tips

Just a few of the items you can decorate.

You can take a outdoor water fountain and decorate with Smart Art medium utilizing the designs you create.

You can now save a treasured heirloom take your Smart Art creation and apply to cracked areas.

For applications using Smart Art designs you created.

Idea- Coasters- make coasters using Smart Art medium. Dip out medium slightly larger than size you need, smooth out using steps on methods page, allow to dry overnight or until top layer of waxpaper peels off cleanly. Press decorative rubber stamp onto medium be sure to press level, paint as desired, trim edges with scissors in whatever shape you wish slightly turn up edges of medium.
Tip- the side you rubber stamped will allow condensation to trickle off your drink, also medium is waterproof once completely dried, approximately 48-72 hours.
Idea- Mailbox- use multiple size ladybugs all around.
Tip- for additional embellishment stencil on a few Ivy leaves.

Idea- Mirrors- place Pansies (or whatever you prefer) in clusters of three (3) up at top of mirror in a grouping, with leaves.
Tip- hang the mirror with a ribbon that coordinates with your designs color scheme.

Idea- Clay Pots- place frogs and ladybugs around entire pot.
Tip- place you’re gardening tools inside pot place on deck or patio.

Idea- Wicker Basket- place dogwood blooms on front of basket with leaves.
Tip- make your basket a napkin, towel or make-up bin.

Idea- Vases- mix ornate designs from decorative paper punches all around vase.
Tip- this tip will take care of unsightly chips and cracks.

Idea- Quilter’s coat inside of thimble with a light layer of Smart Art medium, allow to dry
Tip- Prevents thimble from slipping off.

Idea- Apply thin disk shapes of Smart Art medium to bottom of vases, candle holders and more to prevent scarring table tops. (allow to dry before placing item on tables)

Idea- Apply a Smart Art design you create on doorknobs, this prevents damage to walls.

Idea- Arthritis sufferer’s apply Smart Art medium to any hard to grip objects, this aids in gripping capabilities.

Idea- Make a unique pin cushion, tack holder simply by using Smart Art medium.

Idea- Gallery and Shop keepers, end always having to straighten paintings and wall hangings.
Tip- Apply a small dollop of Smart Art medium to back of item being hung, opposite end of the hanger press onto wall release no more adjusting.

Idea- Create your own vase frog for holding fresh cut or artificial flowers, using Smart Art medium.
Tip- Apply Smart Art medium in a mound allow to dry to the touch, place in bottom of container.