he Smart Art medium is a self-curing acrylic resin which can be molded, stamped or cut and can be used with many accessories, such as decorative paper punches, rubber stamps and molds, to create almost anything.

Some differences between Smart Art and polymer clay are there is no baking process. You can put it in a cake decorating bag and use with whatever tip design you like. Upon squeezing it out, the design comes out already formed! No sculpting needed! Another way this medium differs from clay is it can be spread/smoothed just like cake icing.

You can make jewelry, paintings, or whatever your idea. Smart Art is virtually unlimited in it’s capabilities. With this resin, even after you allow it to dry, when wax paper peels off clean, you can continue to embellish. Your product will still be malleable for a few more hours. Curve, curl or shape it as you wish.